Boston Patriots

The Boston Patriots are a Premier League team that resides in Boston, MA. They are headed by GM Tyler Carter. The owner is Tom Mattison. They are one of the original 10 teams and one of the original 8 that have not moved or changed the name of their team, and they still have their original GM and have always resided in the Premier League. Their first pick which was the last pick of the 1st round (10th) in the inaugural draft, was CF Michael Greene, followed by their 2nd pick, which was the first pick of the 2nd round (11th), which was LF Manuel Villarreal. The Patriots are the most winning team in PL history and won the 2015 USBA Grand Championship after a 74-34 first place finish in the regular season. Boston is also currently on a streak of 3 straight President's Shields, longest in USBA history.

Boston Patriots
Established: 2013
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Premier League - 2013 - Present
Team History
Boston Patriots - Boston, MA
(PL) 2014: 70-38, 3 GB, 2nd
(PL) 2015: 74-34, — GB, 1st (Won President's Shield; Won Premier League Championship)
(PL) 2016: 76-32, — GB, 1st (Won President's Shield)
(PL) 2017: 71-37, — GB, 1st (Won President's Shield) ||
(PL) 2013: 50-58, 13 GB, 8th
(PL) 2014: 34-74, 39 GB, 10th
(SL) 2015: 55-53, 28 GB, 3rd (lost promotion series to the Detroit Reapers)
(SL) 2016: 68-40, 6 GB, 2nd (lost promotion series to the Rocky Mountain Bears)
(SL) 2017: 64-44, 14 GB, 2nd (lost promotion series to the Columbus Tidal Waves)
Team Accolades
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General Managers
Tyler Carter: 2013 -P resent
Team Reports
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