Chicago Gold Sox

The Chicago Gold Sox are a Silver League team that resides in Chicago, IL. Their GM is Brett Reichert, the creator and original Commissioner of the USBA. The Gold Sox are one of the original ten teams of the assocation, and they took place in the 2013 Inagrual Draft. They were a Premier League team from 2013 to 2014, when they were auto-relegated to the Silver League after a disheartening 34-74 record. In 2015, they began their tenure in the Silver League, posting excellent season records but losing three straight promotion series.

Chicago Gold Sox
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Established 2013
Chicago, IL
Silver League 2015-Present
Team History
(PL) 2013: 50-58, 13 GB, 8th
(PL) 2014: 34-74, 39 GB, 10th
(SL) 2015: 55-53, 28 GB, 3rd (lost promotion series to the Detroit Reapers)
(SL) 2016: 68-40, 6 GB, 2nd (lost promotion series to the Rocky Mountain Bears)
(SL) 2017: 64-44, 14 GB, 2nd (lost promotion series to the Columbus Tidal Waves)
(SL) 2018: 63-45, 3 GB, 3rd (lost promotion series to the Toledo Titans)
Team Accolades
2017 Gold Cup Champion
2018 USBA Cup Runner-up
General Managers
Brett Reichert: 2013-Present
Team Reports
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Team History

"A New Hope" A.K.A. The Butthurt Years

2013 (50-58, 8th, .250 AVG, 4.32 ERA, RS 445, RA 495)

C Vicente Martinez .272 .334 6
1B Ron Goodwin .257 .335 6
2B Brent Gaines .308 .360 0
3B Tim Little .209 .273 4
SS John Hill .262 .438 0
LF Earl Ellis .271 .371 15
CF Jeff Sharp .247 .315 6
RF Carl Nash .235 .312 16

For the 2013 Inagrual Draft, the Gold Sox looked to pick a scrappy, fast offense coupled with excellent pitching. Their key picks for pitching were Pedro Martinez, and old but deadly starter, and John Wilkins, a young, promising 26 year old righty. Complementing those two arms were John Hill, a contact hitter with ungodly eye and avoid-K ratings; Earl Ellis, a 27 year old left fielder with decent batting; and Vicente Martinez, a 26 year old catcher with similar batting stats.

After starting only five games, Pedro Martinez received a season-ending injury. This would throw the Gold Sox rotation awry, forcing the team to run a four man rotation due to a lack of free agents in the league. Time Powell and John Wilkins would each start 26 games, pitching a combined 334.0 innings. Gold Sox GM Brett Reichert insisted that the team would have been set if Pedro was well, but in reality, the team ended last in batting statistics for the season.

2014 (34-74, 10th, .267 AVG, 5.30 ERA, 466 RS, 614 RA)

Draft Picks

The first round draft pick for 2014 was Billy Black, a potentially nasty reliever. A trend for the 2014 season would be improving the Gold Sox pitching—arguably a trend that would send the Gold Sox straight to the newly-established Silver League. Black would be used sparingly in the 2014 season, pitching 12.1 terrible innings; in 2015, his pitching matured and would eventually become a regular bullpen arm. Reliever Justin Reynolds was picked in the third round. He would eventually pitch his first season in 2017.

Spring Training Travesty

On 16 March 2014, Gold Sox pitching star John Wilkins tore a tricep and was out for four months. He would only get to start ten games at the close of the 2014 season, at a point which eventually would be insignificant for the Gold Sox. However, in reaction to losing another star pitcher for a season, Reichert attempted to bolster his bullpen through a series of trades.


Still blindingly convinced that the Gold Sox bats were strong, Reichert focused on pitching trades. Early in the season, the Sox traded two prospects to the [[Phoenix Hotspur]] in exchange for Orliber Dolendo, a 37 year old reliever. With a fat contract, Dolendo would prove to do nothing for the team's bullpen, producing -0.8 WAR and an atrocious 7.04 ERA over 55.0 innings.

Reichert also traded third baseman Jim Morris for Lorenzo Marin, a reliever with promising stuff. However, much like the Dolendo trade, Marin would produce decieving stats: a 3.43 ERA but with a -0.2 WAR.

Inevitible Defeat

By mid-season, the Gold Sox had 10th locked up in the Silver League, and began preparing for relegation to the Silver League.

"The Empire Strikes Back" A.K.A. Relegation and the 2015+ Era





"Return of the Jedi" A.K.A. Era of the Golden Sox


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