Houston 1837 Colt .45s
Houston Colt .45s
Established 2015
Houston, TX
Menard's Third League 2015-Present
Team History
Philadelphia Athletics - Philadelphia, PA
(ML) 2015: 60-48, 6 GB, 5th
Houston Colt .45s - Houston, TX
(ML) 2016: 47-61, 39 GB, 10th
(ML) 2017: 43-65, 28 GB, 11th
(ML) 2018: 51-57, 16 GB, 8th
(ML) 2019: 45-63, 28 GB, 9th
(ML) 2020: 64-44, 5 GB, 3rd
Team Accolades
General Managers
Old-guy: 2015-2019
Tyler J.: 2020-Present
Team Reports
Reports Homepage

The Houston Colt .45s a re a professional baseball team located in Houston, TX. They are currently situated in the Menard's Third League (ML), the third division of the United States Baseball Association (USBA). The Colt .45s have played their home games at Houston Grounds since 2016.

The team was established in 2015 as the Philadelphia Athletics as a founding member of the newly formed Menard's Third League. The team relocated to Houston a year later after the owner and the city could not come to terms on a new stadium that would replace their temporary home that was used for 2015.

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Team History


The team's inaugural season was a positive one for the newly formed tam. The Athletics finished with a 57-51 record while finishing in 5th place. The team was led by outfielders Ron Dennis and Carlos Vela along with a young pitcher by the name of Jerry Clephane.

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