United States Baseball Association

The United States Baseball Association was founded in November of 2013 by Brett Reichert, the commissioner from 2013-2016 and the GM of the Chicago Gold Sox. The USBA is a promotion and relegation league consisting of thirty-two teams over three tiered leagues, mimicking European football associations. The most prestigious league is the Premier League. Ticket prices, average attendance, and merchandise sales are the highest in this league. Below is the Silver League, with scaled revenues to model a less-interesting, AAA-esque league. The same follows for the Third League, ficticiously sponsored by Menard's, a midwestern hardware superstore.

United States Baseball Association

An OOTP15 Online Promotion/Relegation League
League Details
Established 11 November 2013
Current Season: 2018 (Season 6)
Season Length: 108 games
Playoffs: Different per league
Sim Schedule: MTWTF, 3 games per sim
Coaching System: Yes
Scouting System: Yes
Ratings Scale: 1-10+
2018 Reigning Champions
Brooklyn Dodgers
Silver League
Buckhead Bowties
Menard's Third League
Toledo Titans
Association Cup
Brooklyn Dodgers
Gold Cup
Chicago Gold Sox
League Website
League Reports

League History

Creating the USBA

In October 2013, while attending the Basic Officer's Leader Course at Fort Lee, Virginia, Brett bought and played OOTP 14 extensively. Having played OOTP in local and online leauges on and off since version 7, his resurgence of interest quickly delved into finding a good online league to join. Years prior, he remembered seeing a very interesting promotion and relegation league listed in the OOTP forums. Intrigued, Reichert attempted to create his own promotion and relegation league in late 2011. However, little interest coupled with a league scope that was too wide caused the league to fail. Now, in November of 2013, he re-searched for that same promotion and relegation league, but could not find it listed in the forums. Determined, he decided to take another attempt at creating a league. After finding and extensively reading this detailed post about running a promotion and relegation league, Brett used the post as a baseline for establishing the USBA.

After a decent amount of interest was generated with an OOTP forum post, managers were quickly recruited, including the Original Five: Brett, Mike, Tyler, Kerry, and Matt. Over the course of the following week, the Original Five, and other managers no longer active in the association, debated heavily on the principles of the league, including the financial system and how promotion and relegation would work. It was eventually decided that the first season would including only the Premier League. Each season thereafter would introduce a lower league, until all three leagues were established by 2015.

Inaugural Season

The inaugural season consisted of a ten team Premier League, seeded by an inagrual draft. The draft consisted of forty rounds. Due to StatsLab limitations, it did not have a salary cap; instead, salaries were assigned by the game post-draft.


Premier League

Silver League

Third League




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