The Athletic City Kansas City (ACKS) Athletics are a Silver League team that resides in Kansas City, MO. They are headed by GM Andy Mayfield, who took over for the 2017 season. The owner is Harrison Batstone.

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Athletic Club Kansas City Athletics
Team Logo Here
Established 2015
Kansas City, MO
Silver League 2018-Present
Team History
Capitol District Templars - Washington, D.C.
(SL) 2014: 62-46, 1.5 GB, 4th
Orlando City - Orlando, FL
(SL) 2015: 51-57, 38 GB, 8th (relegated after loss to Tuscaloosa Tide)
(ML) 2016: 58-50, 28 GB, 3rd (promoted after win over Toledo Titans)
(SL) 2017: 51-57, 27 GB, 8th
Team Accolades
Notable happenings: first place in a league, cup winner, etc
General Managers
Old-guy: 2015-2017
Andy Mayfield: 2017-Present
Team Reports
Reports Homepage

Team History





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